Meet Dr. Tanya

Meet The Doctors at Menchies
Saturday April 30th, 2016
1pm to 4pm
A complimentary Menchies Meet & Greet

4776 Commons Way
Calabas, CA

Balloons, goodie bags, and a free copy of Dr. Tanya’s new book ‘What To Feed Your Baby
Also meet dentists Elena Rumack, DDS, Lecia Harmer, DDS and Jason Pair, DDS

and also appearing at

April 20th
Dr. Tanya joins the The Doctors for Hot Topics

April 22nd Dr. Oz
Dr. Tanya discussed dairy for all ages

April 27th
Dr. Tanya moderates the NBC Woman’s networking breakfast panel

April 29th
Dr. Tanya discusses What to Feed Your Baby on The Doctors

May 5th
Storytime at Barnes and Noble at Calabasas Commons
Come learn What to Feed Your Baby (and Child)