What to Feed Your Baby with Dr. Tanya Altmann – Episode 47


Starting Solid Foods

Rice, oatmeal, or barley? What infant cereal or other food will be on the menu for your baby’s first solid meal? And, have you set a date? Listen in as Dr. Altmann discusses what you need to know about starting your baby on solid foods.

Radio MD Healthy Children Podcast – Starting Solids


Getting Your Kids to Play Outside

In the past ten years, the dynamic of child’s play has changed. Today’s adults grew up in a world where outside activity was a normal part of daily life. Meanwhile, today’s children have the world at their fingertips… all from their devices. Listen in as Dr. Tanya Altmann shares tips on how to get your kids to play outside.

Radio MD Healthy Children Podcast – Outdoor Play


Working Mother Radio

Food Allergy Research
Fear of creating food allergies has stopped parents from diversifying infant diets. Not only could this increase the odds of food allergies, it may lead to a picky eater. Dr. Tanya Altmann (@DrTanyaAltmann) debunks this old way of thinking and urges parents to break out the peanut butter, prunes and green veggies early on.
Segment 4: Food Allergy Research


Sugar Wars
It can be an uphill battle to control what foods your child is exposed to, especially when it comes to sugar. Author of “What to Feed Your Baby”, Dr. Tanya Altmann (@DrTanyaAltmann) offers tips to sustaining a nutrient-rich diet for the whole family.
Segment 5: Sugar Wars


Cooking for Health
It can be difficult to find the time (and energy) to create a homemade, healthy meal during the busy work week. Dr. Tanya Altmann recommends setting aside time to batch cook meals. Bonus Tip: Cook breakfast the night before for a no-hassle meal that gets your day started right.
Episode 6: Cooking for Health